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VW Campervan Hire

Imagine the thrill of the open road! You know the feeling, you maybe enjoy camping and moving around on your holidays but you miss your home comforts? Well when you hire a VW campervan, you don't need to worry about any of that. Our VW campers are excellent as you always have a roof over your head no matter where you decide to travel to. No more worrying about pitching tents, finding camp sites and the worry nowadays of having no real security when you are in a tent. A VW campervan will be your own little mobile home away from home and is excellent for both family holidays and romantic getaways.

Imagine just getting up, loading the van and setting off on an adventure with your nearest and dearest. There is something incredibly romantic about getting out onto the road and seeing where it takes you. So why wait, start living the dream and enjoy the freedom which a VW T5 affords you. Say goodbye (at least for a while) to your boring day to day humdrum routine and make some beautiful memories in an iconic vehicle!

T5 Campervan Hire

Introducing the VW T5 - The Next Generation of Camper Van

The camper van is iconic. Whenever one thinks of a road trip, the image of the VW camper is one of the first which comes to mind. When you are looking to hire a VW T5 camper then Cornish Campers Ltd have just the right vehicle for you!

The VW T5 camper van is a wonderfully modern take on the classic VW campers which we know and love. Offering excellent comfort and brilliant use of space, this camper is all singing and all dancing!

All the review sites are singing this camper van's praises and it is no wonder. Some of them are even saying that it is the best of its kind! But don't just listen to reviews, you need to try the T5 out for yourself.

The T5 is very easy to drive and is economical fuel wise too. You can travel all over the country if you wish without breaking the bank. Which of course means that you will have plenty of money left over to buy souvenirs of your travels!

The T5 is of course far more modern in look and also in creature comforts to the camper vans of yore. Packed with modern safety features and of course a far better engine than its older relatives, this van is far better at travelling long distance and also at climbing hills than the older models.